Our goal was a world-class golf community.

For Europeans and Americans, gated golf communities are a lifestyle that says "prestige."
In the United States alone, there are estimated to be more than 2,000 such communities.
Fairway-front residences overlooking beautiful courses.
The freedom in golfing styles and the excellent community life that comes from being an owner.
The golfer's dream of "living on the course."
"Futtsu Bristol Hill Golf & Residence" is the first to make that dream come true in Japan.

Just one thing. In just one place.

No sooner do you come through the gate then you understand that this is the kind of place that dreams are made of.
It's quiet and peaceful, separate and distinct from the outside world.
You watch the golfers play through while enjoying a late breakfast out on the deck of your residence.
The faint rustling of leaves only emphasizes the calm.
Time spent with irreplaceable people in an irreplaceable setting.
"Coexistence with nature" was the driving goal behind the creation of this ideal golf community.
None other than Rodney Wright, the world-renowned master landscaper and golf course architect and designer, created the course. The vistas are dynamic and ever-changing, making use of the natural features and topography of the land.
A championship course with a grandeur of scale and strategy that will challenge and satisfy any golfer
"BRISTOL HILL GOLF CLUB," at Futtsu Bristol Hill is a 6,947 yard, 18 hole, par 72 championship course. Imported grass is used throughout. The superbly maintained fairways feel more like a soft, fluffy carpet.
Owners can play freely, moving through the course on special two-seater, GPS navigation-equipped carts. They can also drive their own carts onto the fairway.
Tee off times are set at 10 minute intervals to maintain enough spacing that the game can be enjoyed by the entire family, even beginners, without worrying about players in front or behind.
An uncompromisingly beautiful landscape that makes good on the promise of "Life with a Fairway"
Futtsu Bristol Hill's biggest attraction is that you literally live in the golf course. Just choose your plot and one of Japan's top architects will collaborate with you on the design of your home.
Every residence is a one-of-a-kind house custom-built to your specifications.
The residential area has been designed so that no one blocks anyone else's view of the superbly beautiful landscape and the residences themselves become part of the scenery enjoyed from the course.
The Clubhouse is the heart of the community's social life, a place where time flows freely and easily
The Clubhouse sits in the center of the community, overlooking the No. 18 hole green and water. At the Owners Lounge, you can entertain guests and socialize with neighbors. From the Terrace deck, you hear the trickle of water in the pool as all five senses commune with nature.
In addition to the golf practice area, there are also tennis courts and a gym, spa, pro shop and kids room.